Soul Flow Journey

Enriching and nourishing journey’s that connect you to your heart and soul.

Soul Flow Journeys are more than yoga retreats. They’re transformational journeys that give you an opportunity to step out of your daily routine to nurture personal growth and connection to a like-minded community. These journey’s are held in Australia and overseas and give you time and space to relax and re-connect with your inner guidance.

Why Soul Flow Journeys?

In 2011 I dropped everything and travelled around the world for a year. After this travel I knew that I wanted to lead retreats and conscious travel around the world. It lit a desire within me for everyone to experience this feeling of deep connection that you access when you step out of your routine and into the world.

I’ve been teaching yoga for 10 years and during that time I’ve run 15 retreats in Bali, Mexico and Australia. I’m continually humbled to be able to witness people’s personal transformation during these retreats.

If you’re needing some time and space to find you again then this yoga retreat is a great way to begin to make changes in your life. Yoga twice a day, meet wonderful like-minded people, learn different teachings in meditation.



You helped me to find a person that I didn’t know existed inside me, with lots of love, care and attention… I loved the retreat!!!



I went to Bali with an open mind… I came home with a cleansed soul; a full heart; strength; happiness and many wonderful like-minded friends



The warmth, love and friendship you come away with from this retreat will travel with you forever. Beautiful place, Beautiful people. Just kick back and enjoy.