Soul Flow Tribe

A community where you’re supported and empowered to walk your path, nourish yourself and flow in love and freedom.

Why Soul Flow Tribe

I believe our need for connection is a fundamental human need that creates our sense of belonging, purpose and meaning. Our relationship with ourselves and each other is the cornerstone of living a happy, healthy life.

When I first became a Mum I found it quite lonely and isolating, I was used to teaching 17 yoga classes a week and connecting with lots of people and then I went to being at home alone with my baby. What I would’ve loved is what I have created here at Soul Flow Tribe, access to content on growing and expanding as well as spiritual practices and yoga classes that tie in with those topics.

So I’ve created a youtube channel, Marie McNamara, where I share valuable content weekly on how to live a life in flow. I cover many interesting topics that most of us are challenged with on a daily basis, like “How do I make a difference in this world? How can I be an advocate for change without burning out?”

I’d love to connect with you and support one another on this journey of spiritual growth so please come over and check out my channel (link to youtube) and subscribe so that you can keep up to date on all the valuable content I’m sharing.

Marie McNamara

Tribe Resources

I also have some valuable resources on the resource page where you can find meditations, guided visualisations.

Also subscribe to my newsletter to receive the Soul Flow Self Love Tool Kit and learn some of my top tips for creating the joy and love you want in your life.

Do you want to slow down and take time to develop a spiritual practice?

Soul Flow Tribe has a wealth of knowledge and resources to share with you.

Do you want to have access to tools that can support you in your expansion and growth?

Coming very soon you will be able to purchase packages that cover various topics such as…

  • How trying to find your purpose will prevent you from finding your purpose.
  • Happiness is an inside job
  • From Overwhelm to Calm
  • and many more topics…

Very soon I’m going to be releasing the Soul Flow Tribe Packages on these meaningful topics and more that will help you find your flow.

These packages will include:

A MEDITATION practice in keeping with the topic.

A GUIDED VISUALISATION that will support your journey with the topic.

A YOGA CLASS, a dynamic seasonal flow and restorative practice designed around the topic.

A BREATHING EXERCISE often overlooked the breath is your bridge into the present moment where all your power lies.

CHANT FOR THE MONTH Explore chanting as a way of finding our unique voice.

SPIRITUAL PRACTICES that will support you with the topic. These practices are a great way to strengthen your spiritual resilience and connect you to your inner guidance.

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST I will share with you a playlist of my favourite songs that tie in with the topic

ORACLE CARD Drawing on the beautiful oracle cards of other Spiritual teachers I will share a card with a message to take home.

OIL OF THE MONTH I’m a big believer in using essential oils to support my physical and emotional health. So I will suggest an essential oil that can be used to support you with the topic.