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doTERRA Essential Oils

Empowering you with natural solutions to manage your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Are you feeling low in energy and lacking enthusiasm and would like some tools that will help you feel vital and inspired?

Do you have children and wished you could have some natural alternatives to tend to those bugs they pick up from daycare and school?

Do you struggle to fall asleep or wake in the night with a busy mind and want some natural tools to give you a good night’s sleep so you can wake feeling energized?

For thousands of years we’ve been using essential oils to make poultices, medicinal teas and salves to manage out health. Essential oil is extracted from a plants aromatic essence and is often the part it uses for it’s self-protection and regeneration. Rather than using chemicals and toxic products it makes sense to turn to the wisdom in nature to aid us with our health.

WHY Essential Oils?

My journey with essential oils started with the birth of my son 2 years ago, at this time it was mostly for the smell and I liked the way they made me feel but didn’t know the healing benefits of them.

In 2018 I fell pregnant with our daughter, however complications meant she passed away 5 months into the pregnancy. My beautiful private midwife gave me doTERRA essential oils to help me birth my daughter naturally. As you can imagine this was a challenging time and took all my courage and strength to endure 10 hours intense labour to birth a baby who’d passed away.

The way the oils physically and emotionally looked after me during the birth and in the months of grieving after the birth changed the way I look at essential oils. They’re not some nice smelling hippy thing but rather these oils are powerful physical and emotional medicine.

In the time since then I have used the oils to help the immunity of my family, I have detoxed our bodies and our home and I have generally fallen in love with this product. I’m passionate about empowering women in their pregnancy and birthing and excited to put these oils in people’s hands, hearts and homes.


After the way the doTERRA oils had supported me in birthing I knew I wanted to know more. I had many other brands of oils around the house but nothing seemed to have the benefits or smell as pure as the doTERRA oils, but doTERRA was more expensive and I wanted to know why.

So I did my research and feel in love with the whole philosophy behind the doTERRA oils; they source their oils from where the plant is grown natively, they support the local communities and look after the land by not over farming, they only use 100% organic essential oil and no fillers.

They’re uncompromising on the quality of their product. This was all congruent with my beliefs…it’s impacting the planet in a positive way and it’s impacting me and my family positively… that’s a win, win, win in my books.

Benefits include:

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase energy
  • Boost Immunity & Fight Infections
  • Balance Hormones
  • Aid fertility, pregnancy and birthing
  • Support Digestion
  • Improve Brain Function
  • Alleviates Aches and Pains
  • Relieve headaches & migraines
  • Non-toxic cleaning solutions for your home

If you’d like to know more about Essential Oils and how they could be of benefit for you then I run FREE workshops on the following topics:

  • An introduction to Essential Oils
  • Using Oils to Empower you in pregnancy, birthing and 4th Trimester
  • Using Oils to manage your wellbeing and the health of your family
  • Creating a clean, green home; chemical free, non-toxic cleaning and beauty solutions

If you know about essential oils and would like a one on one wellness consult to discuss how to get the oils into your home then contact me to book in an appointment.