Soul Flow Ceremonies

Empowering, honouring and celebrating women in their pregnancy and birthing journey.

Your journey into motherhood is a sacred and special time that deserves to be marked by meaningful ceremony and ritual.

We offer five Ceremonies that empower women through the various passages of play in the process of becoming a mother.

Fertility Ceremony

This ceremony celebrates the woman’s decision to welcome a baby into her body and her life.

Pregnancy Ceremony

This ceremony is for pregnant women who are wanting to welcome the baby growing in their belly and celebrate their journey into motherhood.

Birthing Ceremony

This ceremony is to prepare and connect mother and baby for the birthing journey they’re about to embark on together.

Baby Blessing

After your baby is born celebrate them coming earthside with a ceremony that honours you as a mother or as new parents.

Womb Cleansing Ceremony

This ceremony clears ancestral trauma and any personal trauma that may be getting in the way of your creative flow.