Inspiring you to live in flow with your heart and soul

What we offer



Enriching and nourishing events that connect you to your heart and soul.

We run Mums and Bubs Retreats, Women’s Circles, Yoga Classes and Essential Oil Workshops all aimed at empowering Mums on their motherhood journey.

We also have healing sessions that incorporate massage, Reiki and spiritual mentoring to empower you in your health and wellbeing.

Empowering, honouring and celebrating women in their pregnancy and birthing journey

These ceremonies combine healing, massage, visualisation, and ritual to support and honour women at one of the most important transitions in her life… into motherhood.

Find out about the benefits of doTERRA essential oils

Essential Oils are nature’s amazing plant medicine on offer to empower you in your health and wellbeing.

We run monthly workshops, teaching how to use essential oils to support you in pregnancy, birthing and post birth with your babies and children. You will come away with simple practical natural remedies for a wide variety of ailments which will inspire you to live a low tox life.

Soul Flow Collective is a collection of offerings that will inspire you to find your flow and create a life you love.

It’s the business-baby of Marie McNamara who’s dedicated the last 20 years to her spiritual growth and expansion and has brought together all her learnings to offer you many tools for your own evolution.

These include:

  • Unique CEREMONIES that empower women in their journey of pregnancy and birthing.
  • Meaningful EVENTS for women. Village Mumma, mini retreats for mums and bubs. Yoga classes, women’s circles, retreats and more.
  • Workshops and education on how to use DOTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS as a natural solution to manage the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family.
  • HEALING SESSIONS that combine massage, spiritual mentoring and reiki to help you rebalance your energy and own your flow.
  • We’re passionate about inspiring your growth and expansion and have created RESOURCES that will support you on your spiritual journey.

Soul Flow Collective… Inspiring WOMEN to live in flow with your heart and soul

Soul Flow Collective is collaborating with Nurture Parenting Magazine to bring you daily “Family Mindfulness and Meditation” practices.

So if you want to bring a sense of calm and mindfulness into your home then these are a wonderful free resource.

Join Marie McNamara on her Youtube channel, where she shares tools for living a life in heart and soul alignment.

We also have a stack of free guided visualisation and meditations that will bring you into your flow.

Yoga with Marie is my favourite time of the week! I love how I go into each and every session with a crowded mind and how I leave with an empty one.

Her classes are filled with compassion, humility, thoughtfulness and peace. There is always a giggle here and there to be shared amongst us all. After a session I feel totally relaxed and my body is impatient for the following week.

Marie is such an amazing woman with a kind, happy and mother-like personality that is contagious.

I love her and her yoga classes to bits and totally recommend them!!


I fell under Marie’s spell a couple of years ago and I am still enchanted by her love, compassion and total understanding of body and breath in yoga. Her restorative class is exactly what it says, I come away inspired to begin a new day.

Her retreats are amazing and not to be missed.