Our Mission

Each of us has an inner compass that guides us to living a life of fullness where we’re empowered and free. At Soul Flow Collective we offer an array of tools to help you create inner connection, inspire you to connect with others and connect with nature (source). So that ultimately you’re inspired and empowered to embody love, and light the path up for yourself and others. We’re particularly passionate about empowering, honouring and celebrating women in their journey of motherhood.

Our mission is to inspire you to live in flow with your heart and soul.


Our Vision

At some stage in your life you’ve experienced that feeling of being in “Flow”… that sweet spot where everything feels aligned, your heart’s soaring and there’s a gorgeous overall feeling of satisfaction. In this place even the challenges and the moments of contrast can be seen through the eyes of love and contribute to your flow.

At Soul Flow Collective our Vision is for a world where people are inspired to live in their unique flow.

Marie McNamara
Marie McNamara

Founder of Soul Flow Collective

Mumma, yogi, healer, ocean lover… I bring my love for life and my warm mother earth energy into all that I do.

A yoga teacher for 10 years and a spiritual explorer for over 20 years I’m committed to my own growth, expansion and evolution and bring that commitment into my offerings.

Becoming a mother to our gorgeous son in 2017 and losing our baby girl late in pregnancy in 2018 has taught me a lot about acceptance, surrendering and trusting in the flow of life. I’ve come to realise it’s the biggest challenges in life that bring about the biggest changes. I’ve learnt to embrace every challenge and look for the nugget of gold that lies within, and I love being able to inspire others to do the same.

I’m passionate about inspiring women to be in their full power in their pregnancy and birthing experience and love to support and arm mothers with tools for calling on the powerful mumma-warrior within. I love helping people find natural solutions to their health and wellbeing through using (dõTERRA) essential oils and have found these to be an invaluable tool in my life and my home for managing the emotions and the health of myself and my family.

I believe in the power of connecting to our inner guidance to lead us home and open our hearts to immense love and joy. I weave this message into all of my classes, healing sessions, ceremonies and retreats. I feel blessed to be able to offer events that bring people together as community fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

I believe this time in history is asking us to stand up and be vulnerable with one another. The most beautiful gift we can give the world is our own awakening. By embracing all of ourselves with love and compassion we shine a light on the path of an empowered existence.

“A rising tide raises all boats” Rahul Gandhi


Yoga Teacher Diploma – Qi Yoga and Natural Therapies (415hrs)
Degree in Education and Psychology – Auckland University (4yrs)
Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist (400hrs)
Zenthai Flow Yoga Teacher training (150hrs)
Zenthai Meets Ayurveda (96hrs)
Zenthai Shiatsu training for therapists (30hrs)
Certificate IV in Massage Therapy – ACNT (1yr)
Reiki Certificate Level I (16 hrs Usui Natural Healing Tradition,Jacqui Bushell)
Reiki Certificate Level 2 (16 hrs Usui Natural Healing Tradition,Jacqui Bushell)
Children’s Teacher Training Foundation Course and Advanced Course – Zenergy (40hrs)
Yoga Therapy for Children – Zenergy (16hrs)
Yoga Mastery Course – Zenergy (30hrs)
Ayurveda Massage & Therapies 2 week Course in India
Yin Teacher Training Part 2 – Adore Yoga (8hrs)
Krishnamacharya Yoga 2 week Course – In India
Level 1 Therapeutic Touch (11hrs)
Watsu Water Liquid Flow Water Therapy (27hrs)
Intro to Kinesiology – College of Complimentary Medicine (24hrs)
Qualified Swim Instructor and Surf Life Saver
Member of Yoga Teachers Association Australia
Senior First Aid
Work with Children Certified