Soul Flow Baby Blessing

Have you just had a baby and you want to do something really special to mark the arrival of your precious bundle into the world?

After your baby is born welcome him/her earthside and honour the mother/couple as they begin their journey as parents.

Celebrate this through ritual and song and through planting the placenta. This can be done as an intimate ceremony with the parents or with a larger group.

Soul Flow Birthing Ceremony includes:

  • A caring and nurturing facilitator leading the ceremony (or 2 facilitators if you choose to add on the Sound Healing)
  • Welcome prayer thanking the custodians of the land and calling on the energy of the ancient ancestors to support the ceremony about to take place.
  • Ritual to welcome the baby earth side and the couple/mother on their new journey as parents
  • An Altar of flowers and crystals – enjoy being surrounded by beautiful flowers and crystals.
  • Sing mantra – playing our harmonium we’ll lead you in a beautiful song.
  • Plant the placenta in may ancient traditions they plant the placenta as a way of giving back to the earth in gratitude for the baby. Recognition that the baby belongs to the earth and will be walking upon this earth all the days of his/her life.
  • Om Bath bathing the family in a sea of healing Om’s that connect you all to the energy of the earth
  • Showering words of love, encouragement and support upon the family
  • A take home package: receive a yoga practice designed for recovery after birthing, a handout of the essential oils that support you in breastfeeding, building energy, sleeping and everything you need to know to support mothering. An MP3 of a guided meditation to help you sleep. As well as information on the foods and acupressure points that can support rebuilding your blood and energy after birthing. A spiritual practice aimed at supporting you through all the changes being a new mother brings.

TIME: 1.25hrs (time includes setting up the space at your home)

COST: $175

Add ons

Please note that by adding these on the time for the ceremony will be extended.

Sound Healing let the divine sounds of crystal bowls fill you with healing love and encourage a deeper connection with the baby. I can’t recommend highly enough the addition of this offering as part of your ceremony.


Making a Talisman – End up with a beautiful and meaningful hanging mobile for your baby’s room that is created by everyone weaving a thread. This is a Peruvian tradition where the elders gather to weave a talisman made up of the threads of everyone’s dreams for the baby that’s just entered the world.


Despacho – a Peruvian ceremony celebrating bountiful mother earth and in this gratitude comes the power to manifest what you want into being.


Crown of flowers for the mother


Jar of love an exercise where you’re given a beautiful jar that you and your friends can write down all they hope for the pregnancy, birthing and the mother and baby’s journey.


Purchase the doTERRA essential oil kit that comes with all the oils needed to support you in the 4th trimester, oils to help you and baby sleep, give you energy, immunity support for the family and many other natural solutions for your health and wellbeing.


Photographer to capture this special day


Catering – have someone take care of all the details so you can enjoy the day without any preparation. – have someone take care of all the details so you can enjoy the day without any preparation.