Soul Flow Fertility Ceremony

Are you wanting to fall pregnant, and would love to have a personal ceremony where you prepare emotionally and physically to receive a baby into your body and into your life?

This ceremony celebrates the woman’s decision to welcome a baby into her body and her life. This includes a very powerful womb cleansing ceremony that’s been passed on from the women of the Amazon to prepare the womb for receiving a baby.

Also included are rituals that give the mother/couple real clarity around what they want to create for their family and help them to visualize their baby coming. You’ll also be given some practical tools and natural solutions for falling pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy journey.

Soul Flow Fertility Ceremony includes:

  • A caring and nurturing facilitator leading the ceremony.
  • Welcome prayer Thanking the custodians of the land and calling on the energy of the ancient ancestors to support the ceremony about to take place.
  • An Altar of flowers and crystals – enjoy being surrounded by beautiful flowers and crystals.
  • Womb Cleansing Ceremony (NB: this is an energetic cleansing with a special prayer said with hands on your belly and does not involve any physical cleansing of your actual womb).
  • A ceremony to call your baby in and ask him/her to come forth into physical form
    Despacho – a Peruvian ceremony celebrating bountiful mother earth and in this gratitude comes the power to manifest what you want into being.
  • A short yoga practice that aids fertility.
  • Massaging acupressure points in the body with essential oils for fertility.
  • Guided Meditation visualising your baby coming into being.
  • Our gift to you: receive a yoga practice designed to increase fertility, a handout of the essential oils that support you in falling pregnant and how to use them. An MP3 of a guided meditation, visualizing your baby coming into being. As well as information on the foods that support fertility and a spiritual practice so you can continue to strengthen your vision of your baby in your belly and in your family.
  • This ceremony can be done at your home or mine or in a special place in nature.

TIME: This package takes 1.5 hours (time includes setting up the altar and preparing the space)

COST: $195

Add ons

Please note that by adding these on the time for the ceremony will be extended.

½ hour Zenthai Shiatsu massage for fertility


A Reiki healing that works to energetically connect you to source and infinite healing love.


Hummingbird meditation from the Toltec tradition where it’s believed the hummingbird can send messages of what you want directly to God.


Jar of love – an exercise where you decorate and fill a jar with all your dreams and desires for the child, the pregnancy and your family. This is a very powerful visualization and manifestation tool.


Purchase the doTERRA essential oil kit that comes with all the oils needed to support you in your journey of becoming pregnant. (valued at $TBC)