Soul Flow Womb Cleansing Ceremony and Nurturing the Rite of the Womb

Empowering women to stand in their full truth and power and reclaim the womb as a place for creativity.

In 2015 I was initiated into the 13th Rite of the Munayki in Peru and am now able to share with women a Womb Cleansing Ceremony that has been passed on from the Munayki tribe of women of the Amazon.

This ceremony clears ancestral trauma and any personal trauma that may be getting in the way of your creative flow.

Now is a time in history when women are being called to rise up. There’s a healing and a rising of the divine feminine and this ceremony plays a big part in our work as women to free ourselves from the bondage of the past and step into our full power. It’s a time to create a new path of synergy between the masculine and the feminine and bring balance into our lives and into our world.

This ceremony can be done with me alone but is a wonderful shared with your sisterhood.

Soul Flow Womb Cleansing Ceremony includes:

  • One facilitator leading the ceremony
  • Welcome prayer thanking the custodians of the land and calling on the energy of the ancient ancestors to support the ceremony about to take place.
  • An Altar of flowers and crystals – enjoy being surrounded by beautiful flowers and crystals.
  • Womb Cleansing Ceremony (NB: this is an energetic cleansing with a special prayer said with hands on your belly and does not involve any physical cleansing of your actual womb).
  • Despacho – a Peruvian ceremony celebrating bountiful mother earth and in this gratitude comes the power to manifest what you want into being


TIME: 1hr for up to 10 guests. More than 10 guests please add $20 extra per each additional guest and keep in mind the ceremony will take more time.

COST: $150