Soul Flow Pregnancy Ceremony

Are you pregnant and wanting to celebrate this time with a unique type of baby shower that leaves you with lasting memories?

This ceremony is for pregnant women who are wanting to welcome the baby growing in their belly and celebrate their journey into motherhood. Pregnancy is a time of big changes physically and emotionally and can be a very vulnerable time, so it’s powerful to be able to honour your journey with a ceremony that reminds you of your strengths and your capability to birth and be an amazing mother to this precious soul.

This ceremony takes place anytime in the first 6 months of pregnancy. It can be done with the mother or couple but is best shared with your sisterhood. Invite the close women in your life (your sisterhood), to come together to support, honour and celebrate you and remind you that you’re not alone on this path of pregnancy, birthing and motherhood.

Soul Flow Pregnancy Ceremony includes:

  • Two caring and nurturing facilitators leading the ceremony
  • Welcome prayer thanking the custodians of the land and calling on the energy of the ancient ancestors to support the ceremony about to take place.
  • Welcome the unique soul of your baby into your body, recognise the journey that mother and child are embarking on and sharing a prayer that honours this journey.
  • An Altar of flowers and crystals – enjoy lying down surrounded by beautiful flowers and crystals.
  • A short yoga practice to get everyone connected and centred and present for the ceremony that we’re here to celebrate.
  • Sing mantra – playing our harmonium we’ll lead you in a beautiful song.
  • Om Bath – your sisters bathe you in a sea of healing Om’s that connect you to the energy of the earth.
  • Showering words of love upon the mother that will support her on her journey of pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Massage the mother with essential oils and decorate her with flowers.
  • Reiki Healing to support you energetically.
  • Singing and dancing around the mother using drums and meaningful women medicine song
  • Make Blessing bundles – everyone’s given a piece of fabric that they fill with special herbs and whisper words of love and blessing for the mother and baby. This is tied together to make a necklace for the mother to hang on the nursery door until the baby arrives.
  • Guided Visualisation relax with a beautiful guided journey that will calm the nervous system and connect you with your inner strength.
  • A take home package: receive a yoga practice designed for promoting health in pregnancy, a handout of the essential oils that support you in your pregnancy and how to use them. An MP3 of a guided meditation, visualising your baby growing in your belly. As well as information on the foods that support you throughout your pregnancy and a spiritual practice so you can continue to strengthen your connection to your baby and your belief in your power and strength.

TIME: 2hrs (time includes setting up the space at your home)

COST: $375

Cost is for the mother and up to 10 guests. More than 10 guests please add $20 extra per each additional guest and keep in mind the ceremony will take more time. Keep in mind that this is a wonderful thing for your friends to gift you.

Add ons

Please note that by adding these on the time for the ceremony will be extended.

Sound Healing let the divine sounds of crystal bowls fill you with healing love and encourage a deeper connection with the baby. I can’t recommend highly enough the addition of this offering as part of your ceremony.


Making a Talisman – End up with a beautiful and meaningful hanging mobile for your baby’s room that is created by everyone weaving a thread. This is a Peruvian tradition where the elders gather to weave a talisman made up of the threads of everyone’s dreams for the baby that’s about to enter the world.


Belly painting. Let the creativity of artist, Jo Bell, bring to life your baby bump with beautiful and meaningful images.


Crystal Healing – using crystals to bring you into alignment with your strength and help you harness your power for your pregnancy and birthing journey (this is only available when you add on the Belly Painting)


Despacho – a Peruvian ceremony celebrating bountiful mother earth and in this gratitude comes the power to manifest what you want into being.


Crown of flowers for the mother


Jar of love an exercise where you’re given a beautiful jar that you and your friends can write down all they hope for the pregnancy, birthing and the mother and baby’s journey.


Purchase the doTERRA essential oil kit that comes with all the oils needed to support you in your journey of pregnancy, help you sleep, give you energy, relieve reflux or nausea. (valued at $TBC)


Photographer to capture this special day


Catering – have someone take care of all the details so you can enjoy the day without any preparation. – have someone take care of all the details so you can enjoy the day without any preparation.